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DomusCoins ICO details

Start Date: 2018-4-1

End date: 2018-4-30

    • Category: Real estate, Tourism
    • Token: DOC
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 DOC = 1 USD
    • Bonus: 10% until 28th Feb 2018 5% for referrers 5% for referred people *% calculated on the referred people transactions.
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 1 000 000 USD
    • Hard cap: 10 000 000 USD

DomusCoins – Invest in Real Estate with Cryptocurrencies

Introducing  DomusCoins,  a  platform  that  aims  to  revolutionize  the  real  estate  business  with  the  aid  of  blockchain  technology.  Everybody,  regardless  of  their financial  possibilities,  should  have a  place  in  the  real estate world and enjoy  its benefits. DomusCoins uses the blockchain technology to ensure improvements in the real estate industry.

Imagine a world where  people  can  participate  on  real estate  purchases with  no need  for  lawyers  or  authorities  to  be  registered  but  at  the  same  keeping  a  universally recognized right on the purchase. Imagine a scenario where huge real estate  projects  can  be  owned  by  everybody  and  not  just  sophisticated and inaccessible groups. Consider a scenario where ordinary people can make money from real estate with a small initial investment.

DomusCoins allows everyone to take a profit from the cryptocurrency appreciation together with real estate income. DomusCoins (DOC) price will be 1 USD at the ICO, and the a minimum purchase is set at 250 USD if purchases are made by ordinary bank  transfers.  For  those  who  will  buy  through  other  cryptocurrencies  the minimum purchase is set to 5 USD (5 DOCs).


Additionally, you will be able to use DOCs for vacations and stays, either short or long term, on the apartments in the network around the world.

Profits of the company, in the form of DOCs, will be periodically shared to current  coin  owners,  through  the  distribution  of  part  of  the  DOCs  by  using  the  smart  contract.

The  coin  issuance  value  will  be  backed  by  the  real  estate  assets  the  company  bought: several locations have been selected in order to offer a mix of mature and  reliable real estate markets and emerging, high growth potential ones.

One of the objectives of DomusCoins is to stabilize the coin fluctuations, since the  collateral in  the  form of  the real estate assets will vastly decrease  the chance of  surges  of  the  coin,  allowing  holders  to  benefit  from  a  more  reliable  and  stable growth in the value of the coin itself.
Real Value
DomusCoins combines real guarantees with the benefits of cryptocurrencies.
Behind DomusCoins there are properties in the most prestigious cities in the world, which you can see, touch and even stay in.
Real People
We are among the very few who use ICO to create a guaranteed project that produces wealth for everyone.
The company is registered in London and has an office in Dubai. You can check it on the British government website and you can meet our team in Dubai and the events we are organizing in different cities around the world.
You can also contact us and get all the answers you need.
We accept bank transfers
Participating in DomusCoins is simple: being a company, it has a regular bank account. This account is ‚Äúdedicated‚ÄĚ and can only be used to increase the assets placed as collateral for emissions and the related expenses.
Then you can access the benefits of DomusCoins by making a classic bank transfer. This sets us apart from all other ICOs for transparency and warranty.
Through the site, you can also use other cryptocurrencies to purchase DomusCoins.


Luigi Menghini


Nicola Prato

Web Design

Massimiliano Marangella

Board Advisor

Mostafa Hosny

Marketing Manager

Enrico Menghini

Founder and CEO


DomusCoins.com is online.Now people can:subscribe to our newsletter to manifest their interest.
Pre-ICO launch. We start collecting funds in Bitcoins, Ethereum and LiteCoins. Offers available.
MARCH 1ST, 2018
ICO launch. We are going to accept USD and EUR transfers as well as BTC, ETH and LTC at an exchange rate of 1 USD = 1 DOCS. we plan to emit 10,000,000 DOCS.
MAY, 2018
Emission of new DOCs which will be guaranteed by properties in growing real estate markets. Exchange rate will be set at the market value.

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