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Datablockchain ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-27

End date: 2018-7-21

    • Category: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Platform
    • Token: DBCCoin
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 DBCCoin = 0.12 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD

Datablockchain – Merging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to Bring Critical Information to the World


DataBlockChain.io aims to democratize Big Data and level the data playing field by providing the most comprehensive marketing data solution to all businesses and individuals.



  • Empower Data Source Providers to provide access to their data and monetize it
  • Provide full transparency, traceability, and auditability to the data providers
  • Build confidence between the end user and data sources
  • Give Businesses and Consumers quality verified data
  • Give End Users a simplified easy-to-use interface with a quick payment system


The key to both acquiring new customers and retaining your current customers is possessing the critical data that can help you market to prospects with the highest propensity to use your products and services and help identify your current customers’ needs, ensuring their long-term loyalty. The data industry today is both complicated and highly fragmented, o‑ering a confusing number of choices to businesses desperately in need of this critical information. The existing data marketing ecosystem of data/list owners, managers and brokers is inecient and often ine‑ective, costing businesses unnecessary time and money.



DataBlockChain.io will provide a robust interface between the users and the data sources. DataBlockChain.io will create a single-point solution that will eliminate the need for multiple data vendors and layers of list managers and brokers that create ineciency in the marketplace. The backend systems will ensure full confidence in data quality for the end user as well as transactional finality for the data providers.


  • Digital/Online Marketing
  • Analytical Modeling
  • Media Buying
  • Direct Marketing
  • CRM/Customer Retention
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Enhancement of Existing Data
  • People Finder
  • Risk Management
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Background Checks
  • Real-Time Leads


The pipeline for new token sales is deep and growing daily. Thousands of new and existing businesses are embracing blockchain technology. Many are drawn in by the transparency o‑ered by the public ledger, the decentralization of databases and the allure of creating a new cryptocurrency.

While these new blockchain projects and the crypto entrepreneurs behind them di‑er greatly from one another in many ways, they are all early adopters who have embraced a disruptive technology before the masses. Virtually all of these new varying blockchain projects will require critical data to optimize their performance in this new business paradigm.

As the reconfigured, ecient, and transparent way for these businesses to access the data and information they need to succeed, DataBlockChain.io will be uniquely positioned to capitalize on the rapidly growing needs of blockchain pioneers.


DataBlockChain.io’s objective is to provide a comprehensive solution that serves as both an upgrade to the demand and supply side of the data industry, and solves two key market flaws: disparate data sources and lack of transactional transparency, both in utilization and payment, to data owners.

Today, an individual, entity or brand looking to acquire a specific data set will have to spend extensive time and resources locating sources that meet its target audience, negotiating costs, and establish privacy standards for the transferring of the data. This leads to a decrease in quality and a duplication of data records. These three (3) challenges not only make it extremely cost prohibitive to identify and acquire the multiple datasets required to build the exact data that is needed, but for small and medium sized businesses (SMB), it creates a barrier to enter the data marketplace.


Attempting to generate revenue today from existing datasets brings its own unique set of challenges. The first main challenge is the time and money it takes to create data cards and collateral for the data owner to monetize. At the same time, they need to identify the right organization or marketplace o‑ering the widest reach and one which represents the highest demand for their data. The second major challenge is integrity and accountability. Data owners do not trust outside organizations to properly store, manage and monetize their data. The last major concern surrounds the security of the storage environment. Data abuse and lack of transparency in the revenue share business model are underlying fears that will ultimately prevent a list owner from making his/her unique data set available for purchase.

DataBlockChain.io aims to remove layers of ineciency, provide an open and transparent audit into data use and payment, as well as maximize profits for both the data owner and data purchaser.


Funds raised during the DBCCoin Token Sale will be used for the development of the app and DBCCoin and for ongoing expenses required to support the growth of the project. Seventy-five percent of collected funds will be spent on equipment, development, data acquisition, and marketing. The rest will be allocated for wages, oces, and legal and consulting services.


8.6 Total Score

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Scott Hirsch


Jesse Brown


Sunny Rajpal


Dennis John


Adam Mittelberg


Brad Mitchell


Kate Webster


Peter Surprenant

Data Aggregation

Joshua Hirsch

Database Development

Datablockchain Advisors

Jeff Wilkins

Nathan Christian

Tyler Sanford

Rick Tapia

P.B. Stanton

James Whelan

Preston Junger


Q4 2017
Datablockchain.io Founded
Q1 2018
UI Alpha, With Access To Media Direct Data. Data Source Acquisition Phase I.
Q2 2018
MVP* Demo Release. Smart Indexing Engine Development. Data Source Acquisition Phase II.
Q3 2018
DBCcoin Wallet Development. Onboard Data Source Partners Phase I.
Q4 2018
DBCOracles And Smart Contract Integration. UI Beta.
Q1 2019
Full System Beta Test. Onboard Data Source Partners Phase II.
Q2 2019
Live Release.
Q3 2019
DBCCoin Rewards Program. Airdrop Promotion to Appsbar Users.

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