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Daneel ICO details

Start Date: 2018-1-29

End date: 2018-3-5

    • Category: Business services, Software
    • Token: DAN
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 DAN = 0.25 EUR
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: ETH


Get the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and market emotions analyses. By using our AI based on IBM Watson, be assisted in your daily investment decision making.

Daneel purpose is to bring data intelligence into the crypto jungle.

Get the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, and market emotions analyses. By using our AI based on IBM Watson, be assisted in your daily investment decisions making.

With Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies moving into the mainstream, access to a responsive and trustworthy source of information has become a strategic issue for every investor.
Indeed, with the development of digital technologies, cryptocurrency data is now accessible everywhere: exchange platforms, social media, specialized press, dedicated TV shows, groups of influencers, word of mouth… Not a day goes by without being flooded with information!
Confronted with this, each investor faces different problems: how to capture the right information at the right time among all the available data? How to understand the different emotions of the market? How to finely analyse the available information when decisions must sometimes be made in just a few minutes?
Because we are aware of these challenges, our goal is clear: to design Daneel, the first AI created to help cryptocurrency investors.

What is Daneel?

Unlike the actual assistants (or “chatbots”) currently available on the market, which are prone to having significant functional and technological limits, Daneel is an intelligent personal assistant based on “Watson”, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence in the fields of Natural Language and Data and Emotional Analysis.

What will Daneel’s features include?

Daneel will integrate many features that will allow each investor to:

Stay informed

  • Interact with Daneel:

Daneel is able to understand each interaction you have with him: you just have to express a request and he will give you the most appropriate information.
Thanks to the “Machine Learning” principle and to the number of users of the service, he is constantly learning and refining his answers!

  • Collect, aggregate, analyse and ensure reliability of all information:

Daneel searches, browses, collects and analyses different sources of information available from various online channels: news feeds, general media, specialized media and social networks. Once the information is collected, he sorts and categorizes all relevant data in order to only offer information that has a high level of reliability.

  • Analyse the emotions of the market:

Daneel is able to analyse the emotions of the market thanks to his “Social Emotion Indicator” feature. Through the retrieval and analysis of messages posted on social networks, Daneel can determine the prevailing feeling towards the cryptocurrency of his choice.

  • Define the trust rating of a cryptocurrency:

Daneel will use a specially developed algorithm to calculate, based on all the information he has gathered (currency prices, recent news social networks…), a trust rating out of 10 points.
This score out of 10 will reflect the reliability of the currency at a specific time.

  • Access a detailed analysis report for a cryptocurrency:

Need a full report on a cryptocurrency?
Daneel provides you with one up-to-date document that encompasses all the information that you need.

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio
Daneel allows you to easily manage your different trading accounts and cryptocurrency portfolios.
You will be able to follow your investments in real time and to place orders by following the smart advice that Daneel provides you.

An educational service particularly suited to beginners will answer various questions concerning Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, legislative aspects and more. Several concepts will be explained to the user each day, and they will be able to verify their knowledge through “mini-tests” in the form of multiple choice tests.

In addition to the help provided by Daneel, we want to integrate a “Social Trading” feature.
Thanks to this feature, users will be able to observe and follow the investments of experienced investors. In exchange, the traders most appreciated by the community will be rewarded with DAN tokens.


Joseph Bedminster

CEO - Founder

Florian Munoz

COO - Digital strategy

Selim Rinaz


Guillaume Guerin

Developer - Mobile app

Julie Naudin

Partnerships Manager

Aurélien Munoz

Product Owner

Fabien Ducoudray

Community Manager France

Rangana Puchihewa

International Community Manager

Daneel Advisors

Alexandre Lacour

Technical advisor

Jean Hugues Lauret

Swiss Serial Entrepreneur

Christophe Guittet

Manager - Artificial Intelligence (Watson) and Cognitive Business Solutions at IBM

Pierre Fertout

Blockchain advisor @Sodexo - Founder of Startup-stud.io

Astrid Noizat

Chief Digital Officer at ALTAVIA

Christophe Fonteneau

Startup specialist & COO at 1KUBATOR


Quarter 3, 2017
Recruitment of new team members Framing of strategic and technical issues Prototype development
Quarter 4, 2017
Preparation and launch of the ICO phase Definition of the legal framework Beginning of IBM partnership
Quarter 1, 2018
Distribution of DAN tokens Discussion with exchange platforms Launch of a recruitment campaign to complete the team Administrative and financial structuring of the company Further development of the community and establishment of new partnerships Participation in different events relating to artificial intelligence
Quarter 2, 2018
Continuation of the recruitment campaign Launch of work on the reliability of data sources Launch of the development of the automated system for harvesting and analyzing information Opening subscriptions Defining the UI / UX user experience of the application Continuous updates on Daneel’s progress
Quarter 3, 2018
Development of conversational intelligence API development Realization of the ergonomic works and visualization of the portfolio Completion of ecosystem security audits Launch of the application’s beta test phase
Quarter 4, 2018
Development of “confidence score” services, comprehensive reports, and analyses of market emotion Development of fast actions: placing orders in one click, sending funds, ... Submitting the iOS and Android app on the respective stores Integration of services on the web platform (desktop version)
Quarter 1, 2019
Improvement of the conversational intelligence system Big data analysis of harvested data and user requests, in order to improve the conversational intelligence system Analysis of the impact of news and market sentiment Development of predictive functionalities

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