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DAFZO ICO details

Start Date: 2018-3-29

End date: 2018-7-15

DAFZO – Making logistics simple

Dafzo, Global Logistics Aggregator is First ever P2P, a next- generation open-source decentralized platform, using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence. Dafzo is enhanced version of open source platform and borderless International Trade finance, e-marketplace that includes cryptocurrencies payment gateway, Mobile App pay wallet, Decentralised notary timestamp system. Dafzo parallel runs Ethereum-based smart contracts along with tradeable Utility Token within the network in order to tackle the issues of safety, fraud and smuggling, and efficiently track shipments for all logistics based transactions.

Dafzo use Blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize International Trade finance, Global e-commerce logistics and consignment forwarding system by eliminating the present-day intermediaries (including the bank) & geographical barriers in the market. Dafzo decentralised resulting ecosystem costs much less to operate for small logistics companies, provides enhanced safer technology and reliability and straightens the entire supply chain.


What is Dafzo Mission?

P2P decentralised Global Logistics Aggregator ecosystem by placing the power – entirely into the hands of the global community.

What is Dafzo Vision?

To create a unique decentralised ecosystem built around the Dafzo Utility Token for International Trade finance, P2P Global parcel forwarding system, without any geographical barrier, to empower the community & SME through a custodian & Business partnership programme for innovation, decentralization and efficiency.

Dafzo aims to create a Utility Token market for the world, especially focusing on cryptocurrencies friendly countries EU, Asia and especially India, democratizing funding for new Blockchain Projects. Dafzo ERC20 compliant cryptocurrencies Smart Utility Tokens also act as a gateway to cryptocurrency based logistics markets for EU Blockchain companies and a go-to place for launching new ones, Dafzo P2P platform will help prospective business build a legal framework for digital assets and execute successful logistics projects. Dafzo in the near future allows exchanging Dafzo token from ETH to EUR or US dollars in moments through DLT programmes partnership with crypto friendly countries i.e. Estonia, Belarus & Gibraltar friendly government programmes by obtaining a license.

Dafzo ICO Summary

Why Dafzo??

Dafzo Is First Ever Truly Decentralised Global Logistics Platform Based on P2P Blockchain System.

“How Dafzo custodian Platform works??


Illustration 1 (Case where user payment card doesn’t attract International transaction fee):

Mr Wang wants to buy iPhone X from USA store and deliver it to Singapore address. Mr Wang will place a request on Dafzo decentralised network which will be accepted by the custodian for delivery (with local US address) along with International shipment to Singapore. Mr Wang shop on Amazon store paid for phone & places an order to deliver to custodian address. The custodian received & confirm the delivery from Amazon. Once custodian confirms the delivery Dafzo logistics team will pick up goods from custodian local address and deliver to Mr Wang doorstep in Singapore. Mr Wang pays custodian a thankyou fee and for International shipping through Dafzo Utility Tokens

Benefit to user: Goods available to purchase at local rates instead of International and flexibility to choose International shipping method of user choice.

Illustration 2 (Case where payment card attracts International transaction fee):

Ms Christine wants to buy Ayurveda products from India to London, an amount for 100 USD. Ms Christine will place a request on Dafzo decentralised network which will be accepted by a custodian (with local Indian address). Once request accepted by local custodians the Ms Christine transfers Utility Token to Dafzo for the value of 100 USD=200 Dafzo Utility Tokens and custodian fee, plus international shipment. The Dafzo place an order for Ms Christine and get it deliver to custodian address. Custodian receives the delivery and confirm, and once delivery is confirmed Dafzo will pick up goods from custodian address and deliver to Ms Christine in London.

Benefit to the user: Goods available to purchase at local rates instead of International and flexibility to choose International shipping method of user choice.

Security: The entire process is done on Ethereum smart contract ensuring everyone safety and security. If A has deposit 2000 USD =4000 Utility Token, s/he can only accept consignment to exact of 2000 USD or below. Custodian permits accepting consignment equal to custodian refundable deposit. So, this way smart contract ensures the safety of user/buyer goods through the escrow account till than task completed and confirms at one’s end.



Prateek Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO

Sushant Kumar

Co-Founder & COO

Nischal Arvind Singh

Project Lead & ICO Legal Consultant

Jeoffrey Mathews

Crypto Financial Analyst & Smart Contract Expert

Choi Namkyu

Blockchain Project Consultant

Deepika Vijay

PR Executive

DAFZO Advisors

Yuen Wong

CEO at Galaxy e-Solutions

Dinesh Puri

International Logistics and Supply Chain Expert

Deekshith Marla

Founder & CTO of Arya.ai Forbes Asia 30 under 30

Vakhtang Abuladze

CEO at Bazista

Harpreet Singh Walia

Author, Educator and Business Consultant

Mubashsher Salim

Author, Educator and Business Consultant


Q1, 2017
Market Survey. Research and Development.
Q2, 2017
Beta launch in India(courierhome). Signed Agreement with FedEx,Aramex and Delhivery.
Q3, 2017
Product Development. Expansion in India B2B service. Partnership with.Fintech startup "Ezcred".
Q4, 2018
Legal Framework. UK Limited Incorporation.
Q1, 2018
Global P2P Concept for Logistics Ecosystem. ICO Regulatory compliance framework.Utility Patent filing.
Q2, 2018
Pre ICO and Token Launch. Beta launch in UK. Exchange listing.
Q3-Q4, 2018
Blockchain and AI integration. Mobile app for Dafzo user & custodian. E-Marketplace development. Backend Logistics integration. Utility Patent filing.
Commencement of operation in India,China,UK,USA. Dafzo Payment Gateway. Testing of Smart Lockers.
Diversification to Europe. Installation to Smart Lockers. LC acceptace for selected regions.
Worldwide Expansion. Acceptance of LC at Global. Custom duty calculator for each nation. Global tracking for every company.

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