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Cryptonia Poker ICO details

Start Date: 2018-5-1

End date: 2018-7-1

Cryptonia Poker – Play Poker Online with Cryptocurrency

Cryptonia Poker brings together the thrill of poker with the transparency and value of cryptocurrency in an online poker room that is based on blockchain technology.

The players can benefit from the availability of competitive rakes, discounts and value additions offered through our regular business promotions, and potential appreciation of their Cryptonia that is linked with the building of a robust poker economy around the currency.

Cryptonia Poker is all set to launch. Cryptonia is the official currency on the platform. We are starting with an ICO (Initial Cryptonia Offering), in which the players can buy 75% of our tokens. Out of the rest, 20% is being reserved for business promotions and tournaments that will add value to our customers’ holdings, and 5% will be made available to promotors, management and advisors to continue adding value to the platform.

We will launch Cryptonia Poker after the ICO. Its details and schedule are given below. In total, we will release 1 billion tokens called Cryptonias.

Our online poker and cryptocurrency software is completely built and tested. Huge money and effort have been spent by the founding team to ensure the viability of the platform, and to make it as transparent as possible.

Blockchain-based online poker helps overcome various issues related to the traditional form of online poker, e.g. Cryptonia helps avoid payment processing delays and other issues. Blockchain technology also helps create purely random number generation, ensuring fair play.

Cryptonia Poker
Cryptonia Poker
Cryptonia Poker

 Cryptonia Poker’s business plan and way forward

Cryptonia Poker is bringing together the best of Poker with that of cryptocurrency. Powered with blockchain technology, this platform has the potential to deliver to a large consumer base with ease and transparency.

Our two main revenue sources are:

  • We retain a small administration fee as rakes when our users purchase Cryptonia tokens. This is done to cover our admin and operational costs, much like traditional poker rooms.
  • The cryptocurrency used in our poker rooms is also listed on exchanges, and will grow in value with the strengthening of the platform and its ecosystem, which means that we will grow only when our customers believe in us and extract value from the poker rooms.

Movement of funds

Our aim is to maximise our gamers’ returns. Out of the total tokens available in the system, ten per cent are reserved for encouraging more players to play and for maintaining liquidity in poker rooms.

This is done by attracting players through higher tournament guarantees, leaderboards and freerolls. This will also bring in new players, adding to the overall value of the currency and hence that of the currency held by the Players.

Besides this, thirty five per cent of the rakes we collect every month will be distributed back to the players in the form of bonuses and improved tournament pools to improve liquidity. This will be done transparently and fairly to encourage recreational gamers.

Cryptonia Poker

With the cumulative effect of larger pool of players and increased value of the currency, larger benefits will be available to gamers, which will attract more players, which will again raise the value of the currency. This will make it a self-feeding system.

With the cumulative effect of larger pool of players and increased value of the currency, larger benefits will be available to gamers, which will attract more players, which will again raise the value of the currency. This will make it a self-feeding system.

Post-ICO poker tournament

Once the ICO is completed, a tournament with attractive guarantees will be hosted on the platform to attract new players and to encourage all the players on the platform to initiate play, to start building value in poker rooms.

During the tournament, 10% of the Cryptonia tokens in the system will be distributed as tournament prize pools. These bonuses and attractive prizes will attract new players to join our poker rooms, adding to the value of the whole ecosystem.

Cryptonia Poker

Games at Cryptonia Poker

We will have various types of games with different limits for gamers with various preferences. They will be available 24/7 to suit gamers from various time zones. This is to encourage more and more recreational players to enter the ecosystem.

Gamers can choose between various game formats including Texas Hold’em No Limit.

Higher limit games, e,g, $1000 equivalent CPC games, and games requiring higher liquidity will be available as the community gets stronger and the demand for such games rises.

The opening tournaments on Cryptonia Poker will have a wide-buy-in range, i.e. from one dollar on to a hundred dollars. This will attract and encourage players to join the community.

Rake collection

Our rake rate on cash games is only 3%, with ceilings set for different limit games. This will encourage gamers willing to play high-stake recreational games.

Lower rake is more in favour of recreational players and less in favour of smart money that gets more rakeback. Also, smart money players often cash out the rakebacks, leading to reduced liquidity in the ecosystem.



Opeyemi Francis Oni

Smart Contract Developer

Sharad Kant

Interface & Product Designer

Lakshay Anand

CEO & Founder

Alexandr Palamarchuk

Bounty Team Lead

Vivek Jain


Anastasia Naymushina


Sofía Terekhova

Backing Agent

Igor Chetkarev

Customer Success Manager

Shivani Ahuja

Writer & Editor

Cryptonia Poker Advisors

Daniil Morozov

Investor & Business Advisor

Vadim Ivanenko

ICO & Blockchain Development

Filip Poutintsev

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Expert

Tushar Kant

Technical Advisor


April 2018
App launch for all platforms Cryptonia pre-ICO
May 2018
Cryptonia ICO
June 2018
Cryptonia listed in Exchanges Cryptonia launch on Cryptonia Poker
July 2018
Cryptonia Opening tournament Cryptonia’s referral and partner programme Decentralised, random number generating solution
August 2018
Cryptonia’s fair play programme completion

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