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Crypto Trust Network ICO details

Start Date: 2017-12-22

End date: 2018-2-22

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software
    • Token: CTN
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 CTN = 1 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 500000 CTN
    • Hard cap: 10500000 CTN

Crypto Trust Network – “Stopping fraud before it happens

CTN is a security & trust platform that allows tracking of fraudulent/high-risk cryptocurrency transactions by provides tools for crypto services, exchanges, wallets or merchants to query our platform and gain a ‘trust rating’ on wallets and transactions allowing them to make informed decisions around their own business processes.

The CTN platform is powered by our analysis engine; by combining advanced data aggregation techniques, service breach report analysis, blockchain transaction information, machine learning and our internal algorithm we’re able to calculate an industry leading indicator of wallet & transaction risk through our “CTN Trust Rating.”

Calculated data will then be integrated and built into a range of tools, microservices & APIs for crypto tech companies, wallet providers, exchanges, debit card services to subscribe to. This will allow them to seamlessly integrate into their existing systems and make informed decisions and rules around accepting currency from wallets. From here our data will constantly evolve, improve and offer greater accuracy.

Whether it be an integrated wallet check before a user initiates a transfer, a debit card service wanting to gauge a ‘high-risk’ transaction or an online vendor wanting to be warned of an incoming payment using blacklisted currency CTN’s platform will offer a range of powerful tools to add value and protect customers across a range of services.

CTN platform

Crypto Trust Network
The CTN platform will offer four key components, each playing a vital role in the mitigation of theft
and loss. Each component will work in unison in order for CTN to provide our integration partners
high-quality data and services.

1. CTN Verified Address Book

The first service we offer will be the CTN verified address book. This will allow users of
cryptocurrency wallets to submit meta-data to be stored against their wallet. Once submitted CTN
will verify the information and have a compulsory process to prove a wallet ownership.
Upon successful verification our service will allow users to look up a wallet and seeing the associated
verified company information or the inverse; allowing someone to enter company details with an
auto-completed list that returns their verified wallet. This could be considered similar to a bank’s
‘pre-registered payee.’
ctn wallet

2. CTN Trust Rating

The CTN Trust Rating is a propriety algorithm which will be used to calculate a ‘risk-rating’ on a
cryptocurrency wallet or transaction. The success of the service will be solely driven by the quantity
and quality of data we can obtain which will be our key USP; based on this the CTN Trust Rating will
incorporate and analyse data from a myriad of sources both public and private. Some examples

  • Crypto-focused malware
  • Exchange service breach information
  • Crowd-sourced data of reported theft/phishing wallets
  • Aggregation of social sites & wallet comments
  • Proximity & transactions with fraud-linked wallets
  • Receival of blacklisted funds
  • Much, much more

However, to be truly industry leading our key goal is to lay foundations that will forge CTN’s position
as an invaluable tool for any company or service that uses cryptocurrencies. Outlined in our timeline
are 2 distinct releases of the CTN Trust rating. These releases are:

CTN Trust Rating v1.0

The CTN Trust Rating release v1.0 will be backed by a range of static calculated data, this will
provide high-quality proven data backed by retroactive analysis; offering valuable
information for making decisions based on past actions.

CTN Trust Rating v2.0

The CTN Trust Rating release v2.0 will incorporate our Blockchain insights engine (see 3.
below). The CTN Blockchain Insights Engine is a machine-learning backed service that will
consume blockchain information in order to offer a proactive risk analysis for making
decisions based on current actions. The CTN Blockchain Insights engine will be constantly
tuned and added to the weighing of the risk rating metric based on the quality of data and
accuracy of results.

3. CTN Blockchain Insight Engine

The CTN Blockchain insights engine will be powered by machine learning, data analysis and deep
learning. The engine’s job will be to consume blockchain data in order to pro-actively provide risk
assessment data on blockchain transactions and wallets. This data will be used to empower the CTN
Trust Rating 2.0 release; slowly feeding into our CTN Trust rating. As the quality of these insights
improves the ratio of ML-backed insights engine data will increase.
The engine’s initial release will be operated via a centralised infrastructure which is developed,
hosted and managed by CTN. However, as the project matures and the demand for more data,
deeper analysis, more supported blockchains grows we will transition to a decentralised
infrastructure allowing anyone to set-up a CTN Engine Node.

CTN Engine Node

The CTN Engine Node will be a propriety-build CTN agent which can be installed and
configured by anyone. The node software will connect to the network and help take part in
large amounts of data processing to help power the platforms tools. CTN Engine Node
operators will be paid in CTN tokens for their role in the processing, analysis and serving of
data to the CTN’s integration partners.

4. CTN Integration Tools

Every single feature of the CTN will be fully integrable. The platform will offer fast, powerful access
to the data, information and insights provided from each key feature. This allows our integration
partners to build our CTN Trust Rating and CTN Verified Address Book into their services or

As an example: a cryptocurrency wallet integrates to our CTN Verified Address Book. This allows one
of their customers to enter the company they wish to pay with a physical name such as “Crypto Trust
Network” in the background our service automatically resolves this to a verified wallet address and
autocompletes the rest of the information offering protection against accidental address entry
offering peace of mind to an individual new to the process


Jim Dowling


Will Finlayson


Daniel Whyte

Systems Integration

Nash Varghese

Accounts, Admin

Warrick Walter

Machine Learning

Allan Walter

Data Visualisation

Dylan Erskine

Data Analysis

Billy Barrow

Blockchain Specialist


January 2018
CTN Verified Wallet “greenbar” service development begins
February 2018
CTN Verified Wallet service – beta offered to initial partners CTN Trust rating service development begins
March 2018
CTN blockchain analysis engine ML initial research & development Verified wallet “greenbar” service goes live
May 2018
CTN Trust rating service beta service offered for initial partners for internal use CTN blockchain analysis engine ML beta integration with CTN Trust rating service
June 2018
CTN Trust rating service live public release using static data sets
August 2018
Initial node development begins for distributed infrastructure
September 2018
CTN Trust rating service live integrated to initial CTN blockchain analysis engine
October 2018
CTN blockchain analysis engine further development and larger ML datasets
November 2018
CTN Trust rating service 2.0 beta development – integrated with larger data
December 2018
Initial node beta test released for limited testing integrated to test net

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