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CraftR ICO details

Start Date: 2018-7-15

End date: 2018-8-31

CraftR – is powering the e-commerce through the blockchain

The project was born to bring the e-commerce of creative assets to the Web 3.0 world through a decentralized platform, featuring token payments and storage of digital resources made available by freelancers. The platform is targeted to freelancers and developers that want to get involved in a new form of global e-commerce – that is secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and completely disrupting the way customers buy and sell digital goods.

Vendors will offer self-made products to customers that will be in research of the missing piece to proceed in a stuck point, or simply to learn about new skills. The marketplace will offer a wide range of digital creative assets, fastly accessible and easy to trade.

This initiative will let the customers to reach our P2P marketplace, with the intention to purchase or sell their desired product through the CRAFTR payment processor. Our platform will offer zerofees between customers transaction and will monitor only the transactions in order to retrieve the confirmation. Customers will have total control of their wallets and will have the possibility to buy products without our interferences.

The final product is targeted to be released in early Q3 2018 and we will find a way to encourage users to use our platform through new interesting strategies that you can find in this document.

As long as the store is not released, interested parties will be able to participate in extra earnings through the Proof-Of-Stake.CraftR


The release of the marketplace 1.0 (estimated release in June early Q3 2018).

In order to be fully functional, the marketplace must have the CRAFTR payment system integrated.

The first version will include the possibility to make transactions through Web3 provider.


Once we will have reached a consistent amount of users and products, the reward and challenge system will be integrated. Example: Best Seller Challenge.

Also is planned:

  • The release of the official wallets (Web/End Device).
  • The release of the Mobile Marketplace.


Great features have been planned for the future:

  • The development of a official modular IDE for multipurpose development (Apps, Games, Websites, Movies, Illustrations, Documents). This is the biggest goal;
  • A complete autonomous system that interact between CraftR Blockchain and CraftR Marketplace.


The marketplace will provide fast access and secure trading of products through a decentralized peer -to -peer payment processor based on CraftR.


This project has been designed to be developed with less resources. This mean that the final product will be released with stable functionalities in short time. The skills in Blockchain development will increase concurrently with the experience of the developers.



In order to reduce the costs, the development process will require many skills from few developers. This question concerns overall the development phase.


Buyers will reach a wide range of products targeted to multiple development environments and will pay through a fast and decentralized system, enjoying the full benefits that the blockchain can give.


Developers that will decide to sell their resources will earn CRFT tokens from customers by posting their item in a editable section. The satisfaction will come from the direct earnings.


They will keep the tokens until tradable and when customers will need them for buying items in our store, they will reach the exchanges to purchase some of them from the investors.Benefits


  • Wide choice of digital creative assets
  • CRAFTR payment system
  • Direct earnings
  • P2P transactions
  • Premium features
  • P2P donations
  • Marketplace challenges & rewards
  • Referral system

Features – Marketplace Functionalities


If a user runs out of space, he has the possibility to purchase the upgrade service through 4 packages:

  • PRO


Users will have the opportunity to show their products at the top of the lists.

Each request will be reviewed from the staff, prior the qualification of a product.


We want to offer users an amazing opportunity to promote their products through our strategy.

With the help of our Marketers, the popularity will increase faster concurrently with the earnings!

Products Management – Status

Once the user loads his product into the markeplace, it will be reviewed by the staff to confirm the originality and to ensure that it does not infringe the rights and properties of third parties.Products Management - Status

Products Management – Price

During the upload of new content, the customer have to set a price in USD. Then the system will automatically calculate the price in tokens by periodically getting the current values from a Cryptocurrency Market Cap API. This method will be adopted to prevent price fluctuations.Products Management - Price

Reward System

Once the marketplace will have a good retention and a huge proportion of users, the reward system will incentivate them to participate in various challenges like:

  • The Best Seller Challenge
  • The Best Product Challenge
  • The Most Popular Challenge
  • And more ideas will come!

User – Products Management

There will be the possibility for the users to add / edit / delete products. These operations will have to be checked and confirmed by the moderators.User – Products Management

CraftR IDE (Integrated Development Kit)

The final goal is the release of a modular IDE to allow users to develop a project through a useful framework. Modulation will make the program scalable over time. Letting the implementation of several modules referenced to the most popular products made available by users. More details will follow.


  • Source code editor with multilanguage support
  • GUI framework
  • Code Automation & Debugging
  • Building tools
  • Hierarchy Browser


Willy Codoni

CEO, Founder & Lead Developer

Al Kadir Bedi

CMO & Marketing Advisor

Divij Sood

CEO & Cofounder of Crypto Assist Pro

Deepak Mathur

CMO & Cofounder of Crypto Assist Pro


September 2017
CraftR Platform Development (1st Stage)
October 2017
CRFT coin creation
November 2017
Social Network Marketing
December 2017
Project Marketing & Promotions
January 2018
Website Redesign
February 2018
Team Expansion Swap Stage
March 2018
Token Sale Marketplace Development (2nd Stage)
Q2 2018
Functional Marketplace Release Mobile App Release Official Wallets Release
Q3 2018
Marketplace Reward System Integration
Q4 2018
Standalone IDE Development
Standalone IDE Release

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