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ClearCoin ICO details

Start Date: 2017-11-18

End date: 2018-3-31

ClearCoin is forking to the new symbol XCLR

ClearCoin is announcing a fork from its old symbol CLR to a new symbol XCLR. To be crystal clear, this is a change of only the token name and nothing else will change, except for the new smart contract which will be identical to the CLR smart contract. You will have control over XCLR immediately when we finish the forking process, just as you did before the fork. All holders of CLR will be given a 1:1 distribution of XCLR for the amount of CLR they were holding – this fork is not a new sale or offering of tokens, as XCLR tokens will become the main and only token to be used on ClearCoin’s network and the utility of XCLR will be the same as the utility of CLR. To avoid any confusion: XCLR will fully replace CLR and holders will be given the amount of XCLR they were previously holding in CLR. There will not be any impact on fees or transactions times because both CLR and XCLR were built on the Ethereum blockchain.
Please read the announcement for full details.


ClearCoin’s global advertising exchange technology built on top of blockchain is a bold solution to the aforementioned problems. The global advertising exchange connects advertisers and publishers and tracks all transactions in a proof-of-history ledger. The proof-of-history ledger is built on blockchain and helps combat ad fraud and inaccuracies.

The ClearCoin token is used to transact on the platform and can be used to support other members of the ecosystem like advertisers and publishers. The token is built on Ethereum blockchain while ClearCoin’s advertising exchange blockchain is independent. The ClearCoin ad platform accepts CLR tokens as a form of payment.

The ClearCoin global advertising exchange will serve up key ad formats like Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Social, Audio, Television, Content, and Search. The technology will support other companies in the ecosystem such as Marketers, Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks, Publishers, Publisher Networks, Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Data Providers.


Jay Singh

Founder & CEO

Elliot Soren


Yura Monchak

Chief Architect

Simon Lim

Community Manager

ClearCoin Advisors

Danilo Vujicic

David Garrity

Marcos Rocha

Sebastian Mychel Cruze

Tammy Leigh Kahn


BItcoin Whitepaper Satoshi Nakamoto publishes a research paper describing a design for a digital currency called Bitcoin. Viral Media Solutions What became Viral Media Solutions was founded by Jay Singh in Amherst, Massachusetts.
Amherst, Massachusetts Satoshi Nakamoto chooses Gavin Andresen of Amherst, Massachusetts to be the Chief Developer of Bitcoin source code.
Ad Tech at Scale Viral Media Solutions has worked on advertising technology campaigns for major brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, and Sears.
ViralGains Jay Singh begins development on ViralGains, a leading advertising technology company that has gone on to close $30 million of venture capital.
2013 Rally The price of Bitcoin tops $1,000 for the first time. Jay is fundraising for ViralGains at global accelerator 500 Startups in Silicon Valley. He meets venture-backed cryptocurrency startup founders.
New Algorithms By the start of 2015, Jay has finished up his work with ViralGains and starts developing new technologies and algorithms which serve as the basis for ClearCoin.
ClearCoin The research & development for ClearCoin goes full-time. Token Sale The ClearCoin token sale is live. Blockchain-based media buys are available to anyone with 1,000,000 CLR or more.
The user interface becomes available for users to execute their media buys. The Proof-of-History ledger becomes fully available for the public to scan and browse.
Blockchain Media Buys are now being tracked automatically on the Proof-of-History ledger. The technology is made available for other companies to use. The Blockchain Ad Protocol is available for our company to track media buys and for other companies that would like to do the same.
The Supply API is fully available for decentralized applications and other publishers. The Demand API is fully available for partners with media buying demand.

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