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Bubbletone ICO details

Start Date: 2018-3-20

End date: 2018-5-20

    • Category: Communication, Platform
    • Token: UMT
    • Platform: Graphene
    • Initial price: 1 UMT = 0.5 USD
    • Accepting: BTC Dash ETH Fiat LTC USDT XRP
    • Soft cap: 10000000 USD
    • Hard cap: 100000000 USD

BubbleTone Blockchain in Telecom – the first decentralized telecom ecosystem.

It allows mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to interact directly.

“Blockchain in Telecom” ecosystem provides direct interaction between end-users, mobile operators and service-providers via smart contracts.

It eliminates hundreds of intermediators, dramatically reduces costs of mobile services (up to 10 times while going abroad), and saves years and millions of $$ on implementation of the oldfashioned and ineffective roaming technology.

How it works: any mobile carrier could publish its own prepaid tariff plans (“Offers”) as smart contracts. These Offers are visible to all other operators and their subscribers. By selecting an Offer, a new “Request” smart contract is created, with the Digital Identity of a subscriber and Payment transaction.
bubbletone blockchain

As a result, the Offer issuer identifies the user and receives money, and starts servicing the subscriber directly, with local price and high quality.

The same business process is available for any non-telecom service provider (like music, TV or cloud services) who is interested in distributing its own Offers among multimillion customer bases of mobile operators.

The Blockchain ecosystem consists of a limited number of high performance servers (“Nodes”), which belong to the crypto community. It means that any crypto holder could buy a license to manage the Node, and start earning by processing the smart contracts.

The more operators and service providers are connected to the “Blockchain in Telecom” ecosystem, the more “smart contracts” are to be processed, the more revenue and value of each Node. Our approximated projection is 10x annual growth of Smart Contracts in the ecosystem.

High ROI is combined with Low Risks, because we’re a proven team with 20 years’ experience in telecom industry. During this period, multiple telecom and software development businesses have been created:

  1. Mobile Virtual Network Operator under brand “Allo Incognito” (240K Premium Subscribers)
  2. “Bubbletone” messenger with 100+ useful features. It’s customized for the needs of mobile operators to provide additional revenue streams on voice calls and SMS from the app and other telecom services. Beta version is already available at App Store and Google Play.
  3. Global Mobile Data Exchange developed for mobile operators who are interested in global coverage services for their subscribers. Currently local prices on mobile services are already available in 80+ countries.

We are running an ICO to gather funds mainly for development marketing, expanding and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Bubbletone Benefits

For Bubbletone users:

  • Make calls and use data during travel worldwide at great local rates with direct connection to local operators
  • No need to change your SIM-card or phone number
  • Next generation messenger packed with amazing communication features

For mobile operators and service providers:

  • Any operator can become global without complex network integrations
  • Direct access to international telecom market with millions of new customers
  • Increase in revenue through distribution of value-added services


Yuri Morozov

Founder of 4 active telecom companies, with $50M annual revenue

Oleg Pravdin

Telecom visionary, founder of 3 start-ups in the USA, China and Russia.

Sergei Ivanov

CEO of "Allo Incognito" (mobile virtual network operator)

Stepan Gershuni

Blockchain expert, co-founder @Block Notary

Sergey Sevantsyan

Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor

Sergey Baloyan

Head of Marketing

Kirill Maskaev

Communications Director

Maria Voronova

Project Manager

Oleg Vintovkin

Development of IT project Yandex Telephony; development BSS & OSS for mobile carriers

Sergey Prilutskiy

Security expert, Blockchain architecture development

Sergey Lepenkov

Development of payment services and high-load applications in the telecommunication field

Fedor Rozhnov

Strategic Developer for Telco, Realized 2 MVNO-projects for Russian mobile market

Yuri Vasilchikov

Blockchain consultant, smart contracts developer

Alexander Artemiev

Bubbletone messenger architecture development, integration with mobile carriers

Jackov Mayurov

Bubbletone messenger project manager

Ajmat Iqbal

Bubbletone messenger software development leader

Mir Monsoor Hossain

Senior software developer

Momi Monjil Ara

Senior software developer

Khandaker Raihan Hossain

Senior software developer

Shafiqul Islam

Front-end software developer

Md Maniruzzaman

Back-end software developer

Alexey Makeev

Smart contracts software engineer

Varun Reddy

Investor Relations, ICO Marketing

Mariana Bugaeva

Head of design group

Bubbletone Advisors

David Drake

Managing Partner at LDJ LP Fund Investments, Crowdfunding pioneer, Crypto investor

Jin Song Dong

Director of the Institute for Integrated Intelligent System, Griffith University, Australia

Mark Grats

Angel investor, ex-Apple, Yahoo, HP.

Charlie Taka

Blockchain Labo owner (№1 cryptocurrency media in Japan), host of the biggest japanese crypto investors community, angel investor

Mike Raitsyn

ICOBox Co-Founder

Daria Generalova

ICOBox Co-Founder

Dima Zaitsev

PhD, author, International PR

Samson Lee

Founder & CEO of CoinStreet

Keith Teare


Initial version of smart contracts is ready. The first “Offer” and “Request” are on the Blockchain platform. Demonstration of the platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February’18). Integration with major eSIM platforms to download mobile profiles onto SIM cards
Web-API for integration of mobile operators and service providers. Integration of Digital Identity into Bubbletone app. Commercial launch, with “Offers” from 10+ mobile operators are on Blockchain, low rates in 80+ countries.
Global Mobile Profile approval by International Telecommunication Union. Update Mini Nodes to participate in processing smart contracts. New features in the Bubbletone app: Voting platform based on Blockchain, 4K videoconferences, transfer of fiat money and crypto currencies.
Expanding list of mobile operators and service providers connected to Bubbletone Blockchain Ecosystem. The first 1 million transactions are processed
Signing agreements with mobile operators worldwide to activate the Global Mobile Profile. First prototype of a global SIM-chip to be embedded into mobile devices. Creating a public offer for all mobile device vendors to implement the Global Mobile Profile in them. Bubbletone is the global decentralized distributor of mobile devices connecting to home carrier and abroad carriers. Expanding list of mobile operators and service providers connected to the Bubbletone Blockchain Ecosystem. 10 million transactions are processed

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