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BrickBlock ICO details

Start Date: 2017-10-1

End date: 2017-10-20

    • Category: Banking
    • Token: BBT
    • Platform: Available
    • Initial price: 725 BBT = 1 ETH
    • Bonus: Available
    • Accepting: ETH



Brickblock enables users to invest in several traded assets irrespective of the size of their investment portfolio. It uses smart contracts to handle micro as well as big investments thus offering lower fees and better prices than traditional banks. Users get an asset-backed token with a unique denomination after each investment. The tokens are easily tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges than on stock markets. Assets are also redeemable from the Digital Trust at any time.

Technology used by brickblock

Brickblock will setup a parent smart contract, which will allow to create all further contacts between fund managers and investors. Our vision is that one day Brickblock just verifies the fund manager and gives him an access code to set certain parameters. The fund manager will then be able to set up his own affiliated smart contracts. These smart contracts will be automatically included into the DApp. User will be able to verify the affiliated smart contracts, by just comparing the checksum of the parent smart contract. Therefore, all smart contracts are verifiable and trackable from one address.

How many tokens will be distributed?

There will be 500.000.000 Brickblock Tokens (BBT) in total. Of these:

  • 51% will be distributed within these two phases
  • 35% will be in company lockdown for at least three years
  • 14% will be distributed to early backers, the bounty program, and founders

When will the contribution period start?

We divided the contribution period into two phases. The first one will start on August 2nd, 2017 and last for five days. Each day the number of Brickblock Tokens (BBT) will be reduced by 25 BBT per Ether (ETH). The second phase will last four weeks and start in late September or early October.

1. Phase — Brickblock Distribution Schedule:

  • August 2nd: 1 ETH= 1000 Brickblock Tokens
  • August 3rd: 1 ETH= 975 Brickblock Tokens
  • August 4th: 1 ETH= 950 Brickblock Tokens
  • August 5th: 1 ETH= 925 Brickblock Tokens
  • August 6th: 1 ETH= 900 Brickblock Tokens

This will give as just enough resources to prepare for the second run. Following the first phase, we will have a greater focus on community work, and we will put more emphasis on making Brickblock more understandable to the non-financial and non-technical public.

2. Phase: Brickblock Token Schedule:

  • 1. week — 800 Tokens per 1 ETH
  • 2. week — 775 Tokens per 1 ETH
  • 3. week — 750 Tokens per 1 ETH
  • 4. week — 725 Tokens per 1 ETH

The raised contribution will allow us to succeed against competitors from the old economy and be fast and flexible enough to sit together with regulators to develop legally compliant solutions which enable people to trade crypto and real-world assets and positively influence public opinion on the crypto-world.

After the four weeks of distribution, all remaining unsold tokens (that are made available to contributors in the token sale) will be burned.

In which currency can you contribute?

ETH, BTC, LTC. We will evaluate further options.

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