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BioCoin ICO details

Start Date: 2017-11-1

End date: 2018-2-18

    • Category: Other
    • Token: BIO
    • Initial price: 1 BIO = 40-24 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Hard cap: 15000000 USD

About BioCoin

BioCoin, an international blockchain platform and BIO cryptocurrency, is a system of mutual settlements, which allows to accelerate the pace of development and increase the turnover of all businesses that have joined the platform. BIO is the first crypto currency to integrate into the real economy, into the everyday life of people. The basis for the distribution of biocoin in the domain of real economic activity is the system of loyalty. This is the most important and central tool of biocoin.

The main objective of the platform is to unite socially responsible businesses that support organic agriculture, local farms, responsible attitude to the environment, contribute to the sustainable development of the planet in accordance with the principles of a green economy. BioCoin supports and develops local communities, farmers, producers and sellers of pure natural products through an international loyalty system.

BioCoin is a living ecosystem. About 20 million biocoins are already in daily turnover.

How does BioCoin work?

Within the loyalty system, biocoins are accepted for payment by all participants of the platform. Customers receive biocoins as a reward for the purchase of goods and services. With these biocoins, customers and businesses can settle with each other or pay for new goods and services. In addition, biocoins are already accepted for payment in a number of businesses without the entry of business itself into the loyalty network. And one more innovative component of biocoin is the opportunity to pay with them in general anywhere with the help of a crypto-technological solution that connects your wallet and MasterCard.

The most important feature of biocoin is the logic of its spread and the growth of liquidity in the market. In addition to acquiring biocoins during the ICO or subsequent purchase on exchanges, you can get BIO either as payment for goods and services, or, more importantly, as a reward for the purchase of goods and services. Such a “consumer mining” will promote sales growth among business participants of the platform, because this is an opportunity to get biokoins for free. In turn, this leads to the joining of new businesses in the platform and causes an increase in the turnover of biocoins, so that the demand for biocoins on exchanges is growing, and the price of biocoin is rising. And the higher the price, the higher the motivation of buyers to do the “consumer mining” and spend their money. Thus, there is a constant increase in the cost of biocoin, the growth of businesses and customers who use it.

That leads to an acceleration in the pace of business development, whose activities are aimed at developing responsible attitude to the environment and green economy. In addition, our technological solution includes the possibility of creating mutual assistance banks and to microcredit. Interconnected users of biocoin (friends, neighbors, colleagues, partners, etc.) will be able to create small funds for lending to each other. This will be another incentive for using biocoins and for accelerating business processes within all organizations and communities using biocoin. The international blockchain platform BioCoin and the BIO cryptocurrency is a system of mutual settlements that integrates into the daily life of people. And makes the world better every day.

BioCoin’s key to success

BioCoin is a beneficial instrument for investors who buy BioCoin during an ICO, for business-participants of the blockchain-based loyalty programme, for customers who buy farmers’ organic produce, and, of course, for farmers themselves and ecoproducers.

The platform allows businesses to acquire new customers while avoiding discountbased losses, since all BioCoins awarded to customers return to businesses and can be further used at their discretion.

Customers get an interesting financial tool, making purchases cheaper and allowing them to earn on the difference of the BIO cryptocurrency exchange rate. Thanks to BioCoin, farmers and small eco-friendly producers acquire a growing customer base from all around the world.

Further details:

  • We create a replicable system of exchanging fiat money for BioCoins, in which conversion happens automatically at every purchase. Conversion is embedded into the logic of the blockchain-based platform: during each purchase there is an automatic transfer of information about the transaction with the help of each cutomer’s personal ID to the BioCoin blockchain-module, after which BioCoins are transferred to the customer’s cryptowallet as a reward for the purchase. Every business that joins the BioCoin loyalty platform has its wallet, to which it initially buys BIO and, instead of virtual points and bonuses, uses them to transfer to customers for concluded purchases. It receives BioCoins back from the customers, when they use them to pay into the business, and the coins go in the same wallet.
  • We equip the platform for the opportunity to make payments not only with real money, but also with cryptocurrencies. This could be Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies – we are constantly working on adding as many types of cryptocurrencies as possible. Thus, we expand our customer base to holders of other cryptocurrencies, who then receive BioCoins.
  • This platform functions in various countries. At the very outset it will be available in Russia, the USA, Italy, Germany, and Japan.
  • Our loyalty system and BioCoins are beneficial for businesses from all over the world.
  • After all, we offer access to BioCoin blockchain-based loyalty programme free of charge. Businesses receive a working marketing mechanism for communicating with clients. And thanks to the algorithm of redemption and allocation of BioCoins, businesses do not incur discount-based losses. Customers will return all allocated BioCoins back to the business by purchasing goods. If necessary, businesses can sell BioCoins at the exchange or put them into circulation. Let us give an example. A business bought 50 BioCoins for 1 dollar at the exchange in order to credit its customer and then did so. Later on, the customer returned the same 50 BioCoins to the business. After some time, the price for those 50 BioCoins amounted to 2 dollars. And like that, the business returned and multiplied its costs related to the first “discount” for the customer. The “discount” became a separate financial tool bringing profit at the expense of the BioCoin platform.
  • Businesses from different countries that share common values get free access to each other’s audiences. This leads to marketing synergies.
  • In the future, once the platform becomes more developed and the number of participants increases, there will be an opportunity to make international payments in BioCoins between farmers’ cooperatives and all platform users. We call it a cumulative financial effect.

Every client who receives BioCoins as reward points is able to:

  1. a) use the BIO cryptocurrency as means of payment in the network of BioCoin platform participants;
  2. b) use BIO as an asset whose price is growing. The stock exchange value of BIO will increase as the partner network of the BioCoin platform expands, which is the main goal of the project team.

The only way to restock BioCoins for the ever-growing number of customers is to buy them at the exchange.

BioCoin is more than just a business. It is more than just an investment. It is an invaluable aid to local farmers and producers, which they are deprived of because of the complexities of the financial and credit systems of states. This is support of the development of organic agriculture around the world and the promotion of sustainable and stable development of the planet and global society.


Boris Akimov

Alexander Mikhailov

Vasily Palshin

Artem Kalinin

David Yavruyan

Oleg Pokrovsky

Alexander Goncharov

Artur Ivanov

Vyacheslav Popov

BioCoin Advisors

Elina Sidorenko

Alexey Katrich

Evgeniy Gordeev

Helena Drewes Bollesen

Anne-Elisabeth Ropion

Olga Maiboroda

Mikhail Shlyapnikov


November 2017
Selling of BIO during ICO
December 2017
Launching the platform. Biocoin will become a means of payment in farmers' restaurants, markets and stores in Russia, USA, Europe and Asia
January 2018
Beginning of purchase ogBIO from investors

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