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Start Date: 2018-2-2

End date: 2018-2-28

Asseta is the new generation banking service.

Created with your needs in mind and based on the blockchain technology, Asseta is easy to use, reliable and extremely secure.

Most start-ups try to change financial services, but the most part of the attention is directed towards the specific niche and cannot offer all the financial services in one place and one “click”, which is one of the main traditional advantages of the bank, which may be not such technologically advanced. ASSETA plans to offer traditional and future financial products in the environment based on the blockchain technologies and finally become a principle of single window to all the requirements of modern banking operations. ASSETA will establish a digital bank and all the attention will be targeted to provide low cost, modern, easy to use and borderless financial services, for instance, payments, lending, insurance, currency (incl. most popular cryptocurrencies) exchanges and investments. To achieve such goal, ASSETA will apply for banking licences in the main jurisdictions. Also we are working on participation in payment networks, for instance, SEPA (European Union) and etc.

The banking sector is still controlled by players, who act very traditionally. The future bank not only offers traditional banking services, but also transactions in crypto currencies and is totally integrated in “FinTech” market.

Key facts:

  • Based and operating in the European Union. Founded in 2016 to implement newest technologies in the market of financial services.
  • Easy and ultra safe. For us, the safety of your funds is the key. We ensure, that all your transactions will be processed with the strictest security standards.
  • Thinking digitally, working globally. By implementing newest technologies, such as blockchain, we are able to deliver you financial services globally and for a reasonable price.

Asetta services

asetta services

Asetta goal

Our main goal is to build the bridge between crypto and real (fiat financial) worlds. Nowadays people who holds their assets in the digital format (crypto-currencies) faces problems in the field of operation with such assets in the real world. These problems are caused by the lack of tools that could help spending non-fiat currencies in the real world every day. We are going to brake all the bariers and borders between fiat and non-fiat worlds.

We have developed the system based on blockchain, which will be the solution to solve this problem. Using our system, you will be able to transfer your funds globally, easily and for a reasonable price – no matter it’s fiat or crypto. It means that having an account at Asseta you will get the opportunity to operate with all your assets via one application. There will be no need to use external resources, such as exchangers.

We strongly believe that the implementation of blockchain and smart contract technologies in the banking industry is the way this business might operate in the nearly future. We are going to offer the complete range of financial products and services needed for everyday use. It is estimated that over 6 million of people are dealing with crypto-currencies daily and this number is growing every day. So we have great opportunity for growth here with the potential to become a strong competitor for traditional banks.

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Project idea
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Lukas Zaranka


Martins Otavio


Yu Chong


Francesco Bianchi


Tomas Jankauskas

Investment Expert

Tang Foong

Blockchain Expert

Matas Pocius

Smart Contract Developer

Andre Portelli

Banking specialist

Alex Metaxas

Senior programmer

Ahmet Baris

Senior Designer

Janis Abele

Senior Security Expert

Karolina Rimkute

Customer service

Asseta Advisors

Lucas Ahlberg

Erik Harma

Arnav Rau

Izzat Zainuddin

Mateusz Andrysiak

Goda Lukoseviciute

Ignas Mickus


JSC CRYPTO BANKAS founded (March 29, 2016). Team built up (April, 2016). Market research done. Strategic partners found (June, 2016). Future strategy of company revealed. Hard work on primary product began. Still working on legal issues. Searching for advanced specialists for work on blockchain technology. Some highly experienced advisors on cryptocurrencies found (July, 2016).
Big part of job done – working on-line banking system developed (October, 2016). Testing started. Some bugs on app found and fixed (November, 2016). Still testing. Work on final app design started. New team members found (November, 2016).
Work on connecting major cryptocurrencies to our platform started (December, 2016). Legal issues within Europe solved, now we can implement exchanges within cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies (February, 2017). Still working on legal aspects in USA and Asia. Some new advisers found (April, 2017). Final design of platform introduced (June, 2017). New strategic investors found, deal closed, started working jointly (July, 2017).
ICO (February 2, 2018). Public introduction of working platform (beta version) with it’s basic functions. The team is still working hard on platform functionality. AST coin built (January, 2018).
Adding AST coin (token) to public exchanges (by the end of March, 2018). Marketing campaign launch. Introduction of biometric authentication system (April, 2018).
Obtaining needed licenses to work legally within EU. Membership in SEPA, SWIFT, VISA/MASTERCARD networks. Launch of branded payment cards. Assignment of dedicated IBAN for every account (2st quarter of 2018). Introduction of blockchain powered lending platform for small-sized consumer loan issuing (2nd – 3rd quarter of 2018). Opening branches in Switzerland, India, Egypt, Nigeria and Dubai (3rd – 4th quarters of 2018).
ASSETA becomes fully working European blockchain-based crypto bank (by the end of 2018).
Opening branches in USA, Canada, Australia, Gibraltar, Russia and China (1st quarter of 2019). New services, such as insurance and loans will be added (3rd – 4th quarter of 2019). Some new banking licenses in different countries obtained (4th quarter of 2019). Keep moving forward.
Transformation into Global blockchain-based crypto bank with revolutionary insurance, loan, investment and payment products (within 2019).
ASSETA IPO (late 2019 – early 2020)

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    03.02.2018 at 4:13 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Good ICO!

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  2. Reply
    03.02.2018 at 4:17 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    It’s just a super team with a great business idea, I will always support them. Success will come, I’m sure.

    + PROS: +100500
    - CONS: +100500
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