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ARNA Panacea ICO details

Start Date: 2017-12-15

End date: 2018-2-10

    • Category: Health, Platform
    • Token: ARNA
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1 ARNA = 0.08 USD
    • Bonus:
    • Accepting: ETH
    • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD

ARNA Panacea

ARNA Genomics is an innovative biotechnological company, launched on the basis of the scientific and research laboratory and a team of like-minded people, engaged in development and research of early detection methods of oncological diseases with the purpose of launch of diagnostic tests for early cancer detection on the global market.

Our mission is to increase the life expectancy and significantly reduce human mortality by means of global market launch of most recent, unique in efficiency methods of screening (screening study with the purpose of detection and prevention of disease development in population), diagnostics (correct diagnosing) and monitoring of treatment process of oncological diseases.

ARNA Genomics company has discovered a technology which allows to develop tests for different types (nosologies) of cancer. Besides, the company has also developed a unique concept of blockchain based ecosystem, which will be used as an instrument to support R&D and implementation of biotechnologies worldwide.

We have completed R&D for the first product based on our technology – breast cancer test.

Colon cancer test is currently in R&D stage. Besides, we are currently developing a blockchain platform solution – ARNA Panacea, which will soon allow to change the world by making launch of new biotech solutions against cancer much easier and faster.

About ARNA Genomics

We are ARNA Genomics. We are an innovative biotechnological company, launched by a team of likeminded scientists and businessmen and grown from the scientific and research laboratory into full scale venture. We develop revolutionary early detection methods for select cancers in order to launch a line of diagnostic tests for early cancer detection on the global markets.

Our mission: to increase the life expectancy and significantly reduce human mortality. We relentlessly pursue this goal through cutting edge screening methods, diagnosis correction, treatment monitoring, and increasing patient adherence.

Our Innovation: ARNA Genomics has discovered a technology enabling highly specific tests development for different cancers. Besides, the company has also developed a unique concept of blockchain-based ecosystem-grade platform intended for use as an instrument to support R&D and implementation of biotechnologies worldwide.

Our Pledge: ARNA Genomics have completed R&D for its first product – ARNA Breast Cancer test.

The test for colon cancer test is currently in an advanced R&D stage. We devote all our resources to complete development of ARNA Panacea – a blockchain platform, that will hope will change the world by making launch of new biotech and treatment solutions against cancers much easier, cheaper and faster.

ARNA Panacea blockchain expert system

arna Infografika
Key pain of modern healthcare is lack of trust between patients and healthcare system (Example – Homeopacy) Patients accuse healthcare major in selection bias that sabotages efficient inexpensive treatments ARNA Panacea blockchain will create expert system validating medical procedure results by the medical followup coming later All data will be fraud-proof, anonimous, transparent, and distributed Initially ARNA PANACEA will serve for validation of novel medical technologies later it will become the marketplace of healthcare attracting all players.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain can make analogues of real time processes, which allows:

  • to accelerate and to reduce the price of all processes;
  • to redistribute rewards for every participant of the process, based on the present market mechanisms, which creates a correct incentive system;
  • to make available and transparent as much as possible communication of all participants of the process from creation of biotechnological solution and its examination to commercialization, acceleration of market entry and availability to end consumers.

Set of these factors will impact the survival rate and human life expectancy.

Our solution of this problem is creation of an integrated ecosystem based on blockchain for conduction of all the stages, accompanying biotechnological products – from development to statistics and data collection – ARNA Panacea.

ARNA Panacea Platform

arna platform
The system is expected to unite and serve the entire marketplace of global healthcare by providing multiple benefits to all stakeholders:

  • patients will be excited by the ability to observe and validate the constantly growing set of facts on the efficacy of diverse treatments
  • doctors will start using ARNA Panacea first as the storage of patient data and later as the tool to validate their own therapeutic successes
  • insurance companies will follow patients and doctors to employ ARNA Panacea in patient management
  • pharmaceutical companies will come to receive encrypted information about the modern state of the diseases and to recruit freshly diagnosed patients for all kind of research without revealing patient identity
  • regulators will come to use ARNA Panacea data to establish safety and efficacy of healthcare technologies
  • nvestors and scientists will join the community to exchange inventions and financing


Egor Melnikov

Founder of the project, CEO

George Nikitin

COO, co-founder and blockchain platform ideologist

Dmitry Kulish

Candidate of Biological Sciences

Anatoliy Melnikov

scientific supervisor and creator of the ARNA BC test

Ilya Senechkin

PhD, Wageningen University, Netherlands

Sergey Chernyshev

Ph.D., molecular biotechnologist

Magomed Chatuev

Software architect and developer

Sergey Dolgachev

Entrepreneur and co-owner

ARNA Panacea Advisors

Dmitry Grigoriev

Sergey Borovskiy

Marina Sekacheva

Mikhail Groubman

Larissa Belova

Vladimir Savanovich

Elkhan Sanay

Ed Kanalosh


ARNA Genomics was established
Seed round; Development of ARNA-Thermometr, a test for the presence of oncological diseases; “Know-how” objects formalization
Development of ARNA Breast Cancer — a high-precision test for early detection of breast cancer
Development of ARNA Colon Cancer; ARNA BC development is completed; Beginning of laboratory tests of ARNA BC; Submission of patent application No 1
End of laboratory tests of ARNA BC; Start of ARNA BC clinical research jointly with Sechenov University; Submission of application of Patent Cooperation Treaty No 1; Token Distribution Event
- Opening of the office and the 1st laboratory unit in the USA. - Submission of application of Patent Cooperation Treaty No 2 and 3. - Agreement of the regulatory strategy for ARNA BC. Launch of clinical research No 1 in the USA with FDA. - ARNA CC development is completed, starting laboratory research. - ARNA Panacea – launch of the beta version of blockchain-ecosystem, basic documentation for develop
- Using of ARNA Panacea’s blockchain ecosystem by interested market players (regulators, investors, users, etc.) - Start of development: ARNA Lung, ARNA Liver, ARNA Pancreas; - ARNA BC’s entry into the US market; - Clinical trials in China; - National phases: USA, China, India, EU, UK, Israel, Brazil; - Seed round B; - Receiving the first revenue.

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