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Arbidex ICO details

Start Date: 2018-2-1

End date: 2018-2-15


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ARBIDEX is a trading platform that accumulates liquidity from all major cryptocurrency exchanges and allows making transactions from one single account with all types of assets at different exchanges. There is also an additional feature that allows to automate the inter-exchange arbitrage process.

A major goal of the ICO is to create and develop a platform for professional traders that makes it easy to trade crypto assets from different exchanges in one single interface, to connect professional tools like MT4, to provide low commission rate with high-quality service. There are two key features of the platform: a possibility to trade assets from the majority of the world’s crypto exchanges from one account together with automation of the arbitrage process. The participants of the platform will have the opportunity to make extra profit by using their deposit.

ARBIDEX is getting revenue from:

  • Commissions on profit from arbitrage strategies – up to 50% of revenue from a successfully implemented arbitrage chain.
  • Commissions on execution of orders at different exchanges while regular trading operations.

Utility token of the platform allows to:

  • Access premium services of the platform (including implementing arbitrage strategies on large deposits)
  • A lower commission rate for trading operations at all the exchanges that are connected to the platform.
  • Participate in platform development: voting for listing of new tokens and other issues important for the community (in a longer run, when the platform will become not only an integrator, but also an independent exchange framework for professional participants).

At the moment ARBIDEX is an operating platform – an MVP – with a set of technical tools for trading at different exchanges in a single-window mode and an interexchange arbitrage accumulating about 10 million US dollars in deposits.

Technical architecture and the efficiency of arbitration have been tested by the team with their own deposits since early 2017. The company is registered in London, UK.

Upon completion of the ICO ARBIDEX plans to open representative offices in multiple jurisdictions to allow traders from different countries make trading operations legally in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations and other regulations related to cryptocurrency turnover.

At the moment Arbidex is negotiating partnership with a number of crypto exchanges. Agreements, partnerships and other interaction with exchanges will be announces in press-releases once they are confirmed.


Kamilya Arslanova


Manuel Rimarachin Diaz Segundo

Latin America Business Development

Maria Stankevich

Chief Marketing Officer

Denis Pizhevsky

Front-end Developer

Anton Abazin

Back-end Developer

Vasiliy Sumanov

Token Economy Specialist


Q4 2016
Simple manual arbitrage
MARCH 2017
Gathered and analized statistics from different stocks
Launch of automatic fiatless arbitrage system
MVP LAUNCH! User registration, 6 exchanges, 5 crypto asset pairs, 37 sec per 1 registered user on exchanges
NOVEMBER 17 2017
User Profile launch: buy-sell crypto, fix profit, automatic cross-asset chains (10 currencies, 6 exchanges)
New feature: buying tokens in user profile directly
Listing ABX token on the internal exchange
App MVP release for iOS and Android
FEBRUARY 15 2018
Adding 5 new exchanges to the platform, buying servers and equipment for platform functioning
FEBRUARY 28 2018
Implementation of the token voting function
MARCH 15 2018
Implementation of the function of using fiat
MARCH 30 2018
Listing the first ICO tokens on the internal exchange

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