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ALMBank ICO details

Start Date: 2018-2-27

End date: 2018-3-29

ALMbank – A User-Driven Freelance and Charitable Job Market for ICO, Crypto Labor, and Blockchain Jobs

ALMbank is an Ethereum based currency platform that will be the first ever barter backed labor pool; which focuses on startups, ICO’s, charitable works and dream projects.  We will be able to fund otherwise un-fundable projects through the use of sweat equity and a meritocracy based project exposure system. You can think of it as a high end job market that will have a meaningful cultural impact on business models of the future.

We are creating a platform where people will be encouraged to do work for coins and spend coins, but mostly as a means for real world production, instead of as a purely trading based platform.  This will create a sustainable demand for a currency, which can eventually be backed by dollars/silver, to the tune of thirty percent. Thereby creating a stable/sustainable, growth oriented micro-economy.

The ALMBank token pre-sale and crowdsale will help fund the development of the platform, it’s marketing and branding. ALMBank will be developed as state of the art labor exchange platform, ALMBank will use smart contract technology on the Ethereum blockchain to securely utilize deposited funds.

ALMbank platform

The ALMbank Platform will be a medium for charitable deeds to be fulfilled, for startups to find a place to thrive with no money down, and a meaningful job market for people to build larger dreams out in the world. The platform will provide a truly free world wide economy for people looking to bring their services into the crypto marketplace. We will also offer continued training, via our youtube educational series along with personal development programs of many size and shape. We will be the first to offer a truly flat rate, one time hiring fee system, that will get around the whole 20 percent headhunter model, which has crippled longterm hiring budgets in the past.

Instead, people pay once for a new hire, then work with them as long as they want.

Fees will be reasonable and well defined for all parties to ensure trust amongst our user base.

Using state-of-the-art cloud security, we will help everyone to maintain a degree of fiscal anonymity when making charitable payments, while opening up the job market to those wishing to go public with their unique cryptocurrency skill sets!

Add in a meritocracy-based voting system for projects and you have a recipe for ethically-based crypto-productivity. A currency based on actual factual free marketbased forms of economic development. Being able to hire/fire based on cryptocurrency alone will reinvent the wheel, and bring a sustainable working community to the forefront of crypto-life.

Using the platform, you will be able to:

  • Hire amazing professionals!
  • Barter with those professionals for their services, or just pay them in Alm tokens.
  • Submit charitable requests to be fulfilled in your local/digital communities.
  • Hire amazing teams to assemble new and innovative crypto projects.
  • Fund those same charitable requests by merely participating in our marketplace.
  • Vote on amazing world dream projects, which will find joint/community funding.
  • Decentralize goods distribution during disasters, using the mapping systems we used for rescue work during Hurricane Harvey. The site we were using for goods was


Austin Muhs

Founder & CEO

Phillip Mccarty

Head of UX/UI Development

Andy Fuhr

Head of Data Management/Cloud Security Infrastructure

Pavel Rubin

Head of Token Development/Management

Jisook Choi

Financial Consultant

Rob Rukstalis

Marketing Consultant

Faraz Khan

Marketing Consultant

Nicholas Walker

Head of charity logistics

Pilar Gut-Rod

Nonprofit community manager

Michael Castleman

Digital content manager

Volodymyr Biloshytskyi

Frontend developer

Corey Feco

Head of Token Economics

Kenn Palm

Head of Platform Development LinkedIn

Amy Roiland

Head of ecommerce development

Jessica S. Healy

Senior accounting manager

Vicki Cruz

Senior hr manager

ALMBank Advisors

Kevin Murcko

Senior Economic

Robert Tomkins

Technical and Investment


February 2018
ICO Ends and AlmBank becomes tradeable on exchanges. Development of the marketplace platform begins.
April 2018
Platform testing begins.
May 2018
Beta Rollout of platform happens.
June 2018
Official launch of Almbank's main platform and Cryptribute's Decentralized charity response platform.
August 2018
Development on the mobile app begins.
November 2018
Testing for the mobile app begins.
December 2018
Rollout of the mobile app.

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