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Advanced Browsing Token ICO details

    • Category: Business services, Software
    • Token: ABT
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Initial price: 1 ETH = 3000 ABT
    • Bonus: Pre-sale 20%
    • Accepting: ETH

Advanced Browsing Token

Digital Secure Identity & Login
Create and update your digital identity from your ABT Wallet. Login to any service or compatible website with your ABT digital identity, securely, without any password. Your browsing environment is safe.

Multi-web objects Boards Management
Save, duplicate and share your multi-web objects Boards and Bookmarks within the Blockchain. Keep your web space safe. Increase online navigation efficiency and speed. Promote various social browsing network activities.

Domain Name System
Rent domains in a decentralised way and promote your multi-web objects Boards and Bookmarks through a dedicated URL such as ABT://best-restaurants-in-barcelona

Automatic Payment Subscription
Subscribe to services through your ABT wallet or suggest to your followers to subscribe to your services and pay through their ABT wallets.

Smart Multi-web objects display
You may display and manage multi-web objects in batches, displayed in a full screen mode or on infinite scrollable boards. All instantly and simultaneously active and visible and form a dynamic personalised online space (environment).


Adi Sossover

Co-founder, CEO

Daniel Febrero Martín

Co-founder, COO & CTO, Blockchain developer

Emilio Soca Herrera

Backend Team Leader, Blockchain developer

Daniel Tiati Dang

Backend, Blockchain developer

Ramón Raindo Portillo

Desktop Frontend Team Leader

Gemma Ferreras Barrero

Mobile Frontend Team Leader

Alex Oviedo Tinoco

UI/UX & DevOps

Laura Chacón

Mobile developer

Marc Capdevila Canadell

Desktop Developer

Louise Andersson

Marketing, USA, UK & Nordic countries

Ewa Gruszka

Marketing, Eastern Europe & Russia

Csilla Bendik

Marketing, Western Europe & Asia

Andrea Llamas Olmedo

Marketing, South Europe & Central and South America

Advanced Browsing Token Advisors

Yacine Teraï

CEO StartupToken

Eddy Travia

CEO and Co-founder of Coinsilium GroupCo-founder at Block Chain Space

Virginie Lazes

Managing Partner Rothschild Global Advisory


ABT wallet – January 2018
The wallet will provide all features of the ERC223 standard.
ABT Subscription framework – April 2018
The framework will provide the necessary toolset to manage “Subscription with ABT Protocol” in a flexible plug-and-play mode for any website, app, company or an individual wishing to implement the ABT Protocol.
ABT Login framework – June 2018
The framework will provide a sufficient tool to integrate “Login with ABT” in a plug-and-play mode for any website, App, Company or an individual wishing to endorse the ABT Protocol and implement it.
Digital Identity – June 2018
Manage your online virtual identity from one unique interface: your ABT wallet. Visualise those websites and apps to which you are registered. View your last accesses. Your detailed identity is stored in the smart contract.
ABT Board Framework – September 2018
The framework will provide sufficient tools to open visualise and manage Boards through a plug-and-play mode for any website, app, company or individual who implement the ABT Board tool and implement it.
ABT Domain Framework – December 2018
We will provide tools to manage Domains through a plug-and-play mode for any website, app, company or individual who implement the ABT Domain Name System tool and implement it.
Promoting ABT through Addap’s Browser Premium Features
Through 2018 Addap’s Browser will test and implement the ABT Protocol as a pioneer partner. Addap’s Browser shall assist ABT in testing the go to market affectivity through various analysis of related users’ experiences and satisfaction level measures as well as other joint marketing initiatives.

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