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AdMine (PreICO) ICO details

Start Date: 2018-3-19

End date: 2018-4-20

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Manufacturing
    • Token: MediaCoin
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Bonus: Pre-sale day 1 50% Pre-sale day 2-3 30% Pre-sale day 4 25%
    • Accepting:


Our purpose is to create a social network of brands based on the Blockchain technology. We want to attract users’ attention to advertising and increase its effectiveness by creating favorable conditions that will enable all participants to benefit from collaboration. For viewing ads, users will get cryptocurrency and will able to buy goods on the Internet, transfer them to their bank accounts/cards or convert into other cryptocurrencies.
Currently, there are no circumstances to earn money for watching ads. Every day, millions of Internet users watch ads from different gadgets while many advertising markets collect data users and apply it to increase targeting. Thus, users do not have motivation to inform markets any personal information, which can lead to errored ad suggestion algorithms. Our platform will unite the interests of users and advertising brands by providing users with an opportunity to watch ads, and collect additional personal details free of charge for the brands.


Denis Kozik


Max Voronkin


Vyacheslav Dmitriev

Lead Blockchain Developer

Serhii Shum

Digital Producer

Nadezhda Kustikova

Head of PR and Media Integration

Natalia Shashkova

Public Relations Manager

Vitaly Kriachek

Public Relations Manager

Stanislav Ostanin

Relationship Manager

Ani Avetisyan

Lead Editor and Copywriter

Elena Dorotskaya

Marketing manager

Idan Arditi

Online Marketing Manager


August 2017
Development of the plan and designing the financial part of the system, stating the business idea.
September 2017
Building project prototype, formulating system requirements.
October 2017
Researching system potential, creating website, continuing project development, developing system participant’s wallet.
November 2017
Completing website creating, launch of the first version of the program in the registration mode, infographics formation, the launch of participant’s wallet.
December 2017
Launching the Pre Sale project, continuing the core product development, implementation of the interface part, launching the project of smart contract integration within the system.
February 2018
Development and debugging of the cryptocurrency exchange system by using the API of the main stock exchanges.
March 2018
Launch of ICO, creating load testing infrastructure, formation of lands for ad stock exchange imitation, the start of embedded web-core project development.
April 2018
Entering cryptocurrency stock exchanges, integrating its own tokens into the financial cryptocurrency exchange system, web-core testing. Finalizing the development of smart contract system.
June 2018
Launch of the smart contract service system. Launch of program’s alpha version, testing with real users, full debugging of filters.
August 2018
Launch of the working version for mobile devices.
September 2018
Connecting to existing ad markets, creating gateways and convenient api for connection. Entering the ad market, launching the beta version of the product.
November 2018
Launching the internal content classification service with the ability to create smart contracts for advertisers, in order to perform user tasks and evaluate quality. The beginning of the analytical part development of the project, reports, statistics and analysis.

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