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AcuteCoin ICO details

Start Date: 2018-7-25

End date: 2018-8-24

AcuteCoin – The social crypto platform that rewards its members.
“Trade, Mine & be Social”

The digital economy is maturing and blockchain technology is changing the way we do business. The financial sector is leading the way in the blockchain. While some potential uses of blockchain technology may be years away, the digital economy is already here. The industry needs a bridge between traditional and emerging asset classes. Experienced traders have teamed up with experienced developers to build this bridge. Designed for mainstream adoption, the AcuteCoin platform will be an all-in-one solution for crypto geared towards maximizing client value. We intend to deliver a rock-solid, user-focused framework that offers unparalleled flexibility between blockchain based digital assets and traditional markets. The AcuteCoin Ecosystem will include;

(i)  a simplified Affiliate/Referral program,
(ii)  a robust Staking and Mining system,
(iii)  a fast, intuitive exchange trading platform,
(iv)  a Debit Card platform for users and to act as a service provider for other cryptocurrencies.

It is our vision that newcomers to the digital economy will be able to get started with buying their first AcuteCoin instantly through our simple, supportive platform. Traders will enjoy a fast, secure, and highly flexible environment that integrates familiar features into our digital ecosystem. AcuteCoin will also offer innovative opportunities, such as Cloud Mining and a full- featured Debit Card intended to give users access to their digital currency at all times.

AcuteCoin uses exceptional blockchain technology to transform the way people trade and invest. Contributing to the AcuteCoin’s ICO is a smart way to benefit from the initial offering and establish a lasting profitable return. AcuteCoin is constructed on a highly secure peerto-peer network and operated under the blockchain system. There is a guaranteed safety and anonymity for users who engage in any transaction. If you seek an innovative solution that will offer you a safer, simpler and swifter method for trading in the cryptocurrency market, AcuteCoin is definitely what you need.

How it Work


Every day, the number of cryptocurrencies increases. As a result, it is often challenging for participants, most especially the ones with little knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry, to decide on the cryptocurrency, in which they will consider the best opportunity. Sometimes, participants contribute a lot of money in a cryptocurrency, and they end up gaining very little later on.

Participants often find it challenging to find professional trading platforms which are reliable. The fear of losing their contribution has made a number of participants to have panic attacks. One good way to help participants and assure them of the safety of their contribution is to provide them with a platform where they can interact easily with reliable a professional support team.


Participants stand to benefit greatly using AcuteCoin. It uses a complex algorithm to assess a trader’s performance and then creates a portfolio for each assessed trader. The participants can use this portfolio to make smart decisions.

Utilizing a hybrid Proof of Work and Proof of Stake mechanism, AcuteCoin is a self-regulated financial system that provides the holder with the ability, without any centralized middle authority, to spend or send money worldwide. AcuteCoin also allows the user to earn revenue through its platform, generated by ventures made into foundational aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The AcuteCoin platform provides users with multiple opportunities and an exclusive crypto community that both learn and earn together by sharing and building their portfolios together. AcuteCoin strives to be both a platform for earning and a useful tool in helping you maneuver your way through this exciting industry.

The AcuteCoin team is made up of cryptocurrency traders, Miners and Blockchain Technology Consultants. We have established professionals from every aspect as to provide our users with the best possible service offered by other similar platforms that may not be up to par considering the number of user’s funds they have been entrusted with.



The AcuteCoin platform offers its members the opportunity to earn daily income. For the first 60 days after launch, AcuteCoin members will receive up to 2% daily payouts, this being designed as a ‘buy back’ for our supporters. During these 60 days, our service platform will be undergoing full-scale development in preparations for the implementation of our social trading features which in future will be the primary income driver for platform members. In addition, our mining operations will be at 90% operational and members will begin receiving payouts of mined coins after the 60 days.


AcuteCoin users support the platform and the overall ecosystem by granting coins in return for earned interest on those grants. These opportunities are strategically selected by the AcuteCoin team and are designed to be timely implemented as the platform and users numbers grow and make up a realistic roadmap considering the number of opportunities in the Crypto and Blockchain Technology Ecosystem.

 AcuteCoin Staking – AcuteCoin staking allows users that aren’t completely tech savvy to enjoy the benefits of earning interest in AcuteCoin itself. This is a bonus feature that allows you to lock in your coins but earn actual coins in interest and not a dollar value, thus you get the benefit of minting new AcuteCoin and enjoying its rise in price as demand for our program increases. Also by staking and holding on to your AcuteCoin coins, you can expect gains of up to 8% for the first 4 month and 10% annually thereafter.

Crypto Currency Portfolio – We accumulate and manage cryptocurrency and token portfolio with a focus on small cap coins and tokens with the greatest potential. ICO’s will also be considered. Community input is key and will be relied upon when making decisions on what coins to buy next via a voting system. The top traders on the platform would have the greater influence on those decisions.

Trading, Buy and Sell – The day to day trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. These cryptocurrencies have higher trading volume with traditional fiat markets. These markets also provide the opportunity as a liquidity provider for large purchases of these coins via over the counter markets.

Coin Lending – Users of AcuteCoin can participate in our Lending Platform. On this platform, users acquire different AcuteCoin bonus rate at each tier based on the amount of coins users want to lend out. The higher the amount you lend, the higher the amount of AcuteCoin’s gained. While other programs tend to only reward the earliest participants, we offer return rates that are realistic and sustainable for all. We can assure all members that all coin loans will attract daily payouts as we place a high value on all our members.


Crypto Currency Mining – We currently operate a small mining farm based in North America. This operation began in May of 2017 breaking even in October 2017. Currently mining coins such as Electroneum and Ethereum we plan to drastically increase the size of this operation with the hopes of establishing a new facility in a country that provides both sufficient sunlight for solar power and the cheapest power consumption costs. More news to come on this exciting venture for AcuteCoin.

Mobile Crypto Currency Exchange and Debit Card service provider – yes, you read that correctly. Your AcuteCoin contribution include the opportunity to not only launch a mobile cryptocurrency exchange attached to a debit card but also be the actual service provider of cryptocurrency debit cards to other coins, retail businesses looking for new marketing opportunities and other network marketing programs looking for settlement solutions. We are more than just a coin with a cool debit card!

Affiliate Program – AcuteCoin’s appealing referral/affiliate program allows you to earn additional coins whenever you tell other users about this opportunity and refer them to the AcuteCoin community. For every new user linked to AcuteCoin platform by means of your affiliate link, our bonus program facilitates your prospect to earn more. Under AcuteCoin affiliate program, there are 3 rewarding ranks for every registered partner to earn additional commissions. Any time a referral buys services on our platform with your affiliate link, you will automatically earn a commission. The amount your partner spends determines the commission you get. Selected YouTube and top promoters will be rewarded from our Top tier for their efforts.


Bounty Program – These types of platforms would be nothing without the users that create web pages, blog and forum posts and YouTube videos. We are adding an extra bonus for the first of these such posts. A total of 10,000 AcuteCoin will be distributed pre-platform launch during or after the ICO.


Percy Gabriel


Bounthiem Xaysongkham

Lead Blockchain Developer

Bing Hu

Software Engineer

Syed Aftab

UX/UI Designer

Jitendra Yadav

Back-End Developer

Olubomehin Jesufemi

Front-End Developer

Mehedi Hasan Milon

Online Marketing

AcuteCoin Advisors

Charles Madden

Blockchain Advisor


Formation of Team and Vision.
Project Start. Project start-up by management team. Strategic partnership formed with small scale mining operation.
Platform Development initiated Developers begin work on platform.
MARCH 2018
Marketing of AcuteCoin platform begins Continued platform development and testing Whitepaper released. Website Launched.
JUNE 2018
AcuteCoin ICO launch. Final testing phases of Lending feature. Development begins on Exchange feature. Windows and Mac Wallets deployed Blockexplorer released.
Exchange and Lending Platform Opened AcuteCoin holders can now participate in the internal exchange and commence lending. External Exchange listing Mining Farm introduction.
Mining Farm Launch Mining contracts initiated resulting in long-term stability on the community and platform Updated Road Map released.

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