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A2B Taxi ICO details

Start Date: 2018-3-1

End date: 2018-3-3

    • Category: Cryptocurrency, Platform
    • Token: TAXI
    • Platform: Ethereum
    • Type: ERC20
    • Initial price: 1ETH = 11500 - 10000 TAXI
    • Accepting: BTC ETH
    • Hard cap: 50000000 TAXI

Our vision is to make the everyday commuting as smooth and simple as possible. Nobody wants to experience unpleasant transport services, nor does anybody need additional issues during the travelling time.

Everyday commuting might be considered as one of the most significant problems in the biggest cities in Europe, since the effect of globalisation is constantly growing. Many people live and work in different cities (or even in different countries), therefore, commuting to work by taxis or similar type of public vehicles has become an everyday reality. This causes another issue as the quality of taxi services in different locations across the continent differs a lot. For a person who travels on a regular basis, it is rather difficult to choose the most reliable taxi company in a particular city. This requires considerable effort and time whilst conducting a research online, or may lead to a potential disappointment whilst catching a random taxi near the airport.

The mission of A2B is to eliminate all the worries related to the short-haul journeys in urban areas and to establish the united system of transportation across big cities (the ones with the population above 500,000 people) in Europe. This system, known as A2B app for mobile devices, will provide the most reliable taxi service with only licensed drivers, which is not a common thing nowadays taking all the trendy private hire companies into account. Also in addition to the traditional payment methods such as bank cards, our customers will be able to pay for their trips with the specially designed A2B tokens. It is expected to increase the attractiveness of the services to the potential customers, given the fact that the technology of Blockchain is especially popular at the moment.

A2B taxi platform

a2b taxi
The current situation in the market has inspired us to create the platform, specifically designed to connect customers with professional and accredited drivers directly. The customers will be able to order the services via an application on the smartphone and all requests will be sent to the driver who can pick up the customer. The payment for the driver will be completed electronically and in case of success this system will be available in up to 46 cities across Europe.

The essential feature of apps that are offering lifting service (Uber, Lyft) which is considered in a sceptic way because of its legal background. It also creates a lot of issues which limit the activities of those companies in some countries with strong and important markets.

In A2B Taxi platform only the licensed drivers will be allowed to work. It will not cause any legal consequences. Furthermore, the potential of a traditional taxi industry is still not being completely fulfilled. In many European cities ordinary taxi drivers are usually still depended on old-school call centers or simply pick up customers straight from the streets. Both drivers and customers do not find this system convenient – the former cannot work in a financially stable environment and the latter are forced to search for a car in complicated ways rather than simply requesting for a car via the app.

The most prominent platforms are focusing towards the pickup service only; hence, there are not many alternatives for traditional taxi drivers.

Usage of the app – taxi companies

In some cases A2B Taxi will work in partnership with existing Taxi companies, while in other
cases A2B will cooperate directly with taxi drivers who are working independently. The first
company that will be using the platform will be A2B Taxi in Vilnius, Lithuania. After that
other partners will join the platform as well.
After a successful token sale campaign and development of the software A2B Taxi will start
the expansion of business from Vilnius to other European cities. Targeted cities will have
1 or 2 A2B Taxi employees/ambassadors who will work in their own market in order to
attract independent taxi drivers. As for the existing taxi companies in the cities – A2B Taxi
local managers will do B2B sales and offer companies to join the platform and increase the
number of bookings. Please refer to “Business development and Marketing” section for more
Drivers or taxi companies will get paid daily in A2B Taxi tokens via the app and they will be
able to cash them out into Fiat currency or keep in tokens.

Requirements for drivers

All A2B Taxi drivers will be verified before entering the system and will have to pass these
Automobile no older than 5 years (or less depending on the city rules)
• Automobile with 5 or more seats
• A license that is accepted by the city council or any other local authority
• Impeccable reputation
• No violation of road traffic regulations for the past 1 year
• Knowledge of at least one foreign language
• Driving experience (exact number of years depends on the regulations in the particular city) During the working hours clothing requirements as well as requirements for behavior and general service culture will be imposed. A Customer Service Standard will be established for the drivers to follow.
First 15,000 drivers who will join the platform and will work with the assistance of it for more than a week will also have an opportunity to receive 1000 tokens (worth around 100 USD).

Payments via A2B taxi

The payments on A2B Taxi app will be completed with ordinary bank cards and currencies as well as with the cryptocurrency, released by the company during the primary stage of this project. In the beginning, the payments completed with our cryptocurrency will be encouraged via making a discount of 30% or returning the amount paid back in the cryptocurrency. In other words, the trip paid by tokens will be 30% cheaper, but there will also be a possibility to pay by card. The amount of money paid by a bank card will also be converted to tokens, but this method will cost relatively more. Therefore, it is more beneficial to pay in tokens from the very beginning.

However, the method with cards will exist for a while due to customer’s own convenience.

Later, when the platform becomes more and more popular, the method of bank cards will be eventually dissolved and only the cryptocurrency will be accepted, as it should (and probably will) increase the demand for it.

Customer Support

Customers experience and satisfaction is a crucial element in any business.

As A2B Taxi will work only with verified taxi companies and drivers, we will be able to ensure that the service provided by them will be at a top level. If a client will experience any kind of problems during the ride – A2B Taxi will take all the complaints seriously and will work together with law enforcement agents if needed.

This is why A2B Taxi will have their own customer service, available 24/7. The email and call center will receive all complaints from the users, analyze them and pass them on to the drivers. A2B Taxi also promises to listen to customers’ feedback and make decisions on partnerships accordingly. If any driver or taxi company will dissatisfy customers – A2B Taxi promises to terminate the partnerships immediately.

Benefits for token owners

The owner of A2B Tokens who bought them during the pre-sale and during the sale will receive the bonus of free kilometers every quarter. They can be used in every city, where A2B services are available. Free kilometers will be given only for the people who acquired the tokens in pre-ICO and ICO. If these tokens are sold later, the original acquirer will keep the kilometers, as they are not available to sell.

2 000 tokens – 1 km/quarter ( 4 km/year )*;
Up to 4 000 tokens – 2 km/quarter ( 8 km/year )*;
Up to 6 000 tokens – 3 km/quarter ( 12 km/year )*;
Up to 10 000 tokens – 5 km/quarter ( 20 km/year)*;
Up to 20 000 tokens – 10 km/quarter ( 40 km/year )*;
Up to 40 000 tokens – 20 km/quarter ( 80 km/year)*;
Up to 60 000 tokens – 30 km/quarter ( 120 km/year)*;
Up to 100 000 tokens – 50 km/quarter ( 200 km/year )* ;
Up to 200 000 tokens –100 km/quarter ( 400 km/year)* ;
Up to 300 000 tokens – 150 km/quarter ( 600 km/year) *;
Up to 400 000 tokens – 200 km/quarter ( 800 km/year)* ;
Up to 500 000 tokens – 250 km/quarter į ( 1 000 km/year)* ;
Up to 600 000 tokens – 300 km/quarter ( 1 200 km/year)* ;
Up to 1 000 000 tokens – 500 km/quarter ( 2 000 km/year)*.

*All unused tokens will expire quarterly. Free miles are issued until 2022 (3 years after the start in all cities in Europe).
Buyers will also be able to profit from the price rise of the token as it will be heavily used in day-to-day transactions and its worth is expected to be steadily rising.

First 500,000 customers who will download the A2B app will be awarded free 100 tokens (worth around USD10 at the time of the ICO).

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Tomas Peleckas


Vytautas Kaseta

Blockchain Advisor

Carlo Verso

Product Lead

Sercan Saylik

Business Lead

Aiste Veberaite

Communication consultant

Tomas Stasiulevicius

Brand Lead

Mindaugas Songaila

Design Lead

Nerijus Radzius

Fleet Lead

Gediminas Butavicius

Operations Automation

Ivona Vebriene

Support Coordinator LinkedIn


Quarter 3, 2015
The begining 20 cab rollout
Quarter 3, 2016
Fleet increases 50%
Quarter 4, 2016
Despite of competition A2B Taxi becomes #1
Quarter 1, 2017
Fleet increases 50%
Quarter 2, 2017
Every citizen in the city
Quarter 3, 2017
- MVP developer for local app - Select business clients pays via crypto currency - Shifting to Digital Business model
Quarter 4, 2017
Private crowdfund launch
Quarter 1, 2018
- ICO launch - Tokens can be exchanged - Platform finalization & testing
Quarter 2, 2018
Launch Vilnius
Quarter 3, 2018
Launch Warsaw, Lodz, Wroclaw, Berlin, Hamburg, Munic, Cologne, Fortmund, Essen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt
Quarter 4, 2018
Launch Copenhagen, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Riga, Talinn, Helskinki, Stockholm, Oslo
Quarter 1, 2019
Launch Athens, Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Zagreb, Bucharest, Sofia, Palermo, Amsterdam
Quarter 2, 2019
Launch Rotterdam, The Gague, Brussles, Paris, Marseille, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Lisbon, London
Quarter 3, 2019
Launch Birningham, Leeds, Glasgow, Moscow, St. Petersburg

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  1. Reply
    23.02.2018 at 7:07 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Great project

    + PROS: Great team, strong vision. High value investment.
    - CONS: -
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  2. Reply
    Jake Richradson
    23.02.2018 at 7:11 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Great idea for DLT

    + PROS: Possibility for future
    - CONS: -
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  3. Reply
    Thomas Beecks
    23.02.2018 at 7:17 pm
    Project idea
    Investment potential

    Promising roadmap and good direction for regular taxi businesses

    + PROS: Could replace Uber
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  4. Reply
    26.02.2018 at 11:07 am

    Is that a regular taxi? Under its brand. What is innovation and novelty? Such taxis are available in all countries. Why do one more thing?

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